In the light of the vision and mission, Faculty of Education endeavours to achievement the following objectives:

  1. Preparation of proficient teachers according to the modern educational trends to work in the different levels of general education.
  2. Obtaining the student-cum-teacher with necessary scientific, occupational and personal sufficiency for the teacher of the different levels of general education.
  3. Preparation of the leaders in educational fields in the related quantitative specializations and to develop them occupationally.
  4. Development of the scientific-educational research through preparing educational researchers and conducting educational and psychological researches aim to developing the educational and learning process, besides publication of the results of those researches.
  5. Contribution in spreading the educational intellect and successful educational practices; spreading modern educational trends and applying them as service for the society and solution to problems.
  6. Offering educational consultation that is specialized in the fields which are related to the mission of the faculty.
  7. Cooperation with the scientific and educational corpora, authority bodies and institutions locally, regionally and internationally for the study and discussion of educational issues and problems and achievement of joint objectives in the areas of education and learning.
  8. Cooparation with the Ministry of Education the administration of general education in North of Kordofan State on the study of eduactional issues and problems and the different fields to develop education in the area of the objectives, methods, curricula, teaching strategies and styles, assessment systems, scholastic text-books and their development, and occupational development for the workers of teaching.
  9. Spread of edaucational awareness and stoking up of interest  spirit to educational issues on the motherland level.
  10. Society service within developing educational learning process in its entire parts, and the work on increasing its efficiency by establishment of conferences, specialized symposia, and training qualificatory courses in the related fields.
  11. Cooperation and coordination with faculties, institutes and centres of the university in the qualification and occupational development for the university teacher